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Episode 30 - "End of an Era"

This week Jenny Collier, Leo Kearse, Ian Stone and Rob Deering show their age and go back to their roots with some classic dualisms: VHS vs Betamax, bleak vs psychotic optimism and unionisation vs the lone gunman. While ignoring all the other people in the world, this cheerful troop laugh their way through this week’s latest in the demise of comedy, Scottish Independence and the rise and fall of football hooliganism. The second half of this landmark episode shares a sad announcement and The Edge’s producer John Connor joins us with stories of how the show started, broke new ground and found joy through bloody persistence.

Episode 29 - "Slogans galore"

Emmanuel Sonubi, Tiff Stevenson, Ben Norris & Jarred Christmas put on their glasses to take a deep look into the root of the world’s problems. Airing some robust opinions, the team exercise their freedom of speech and leave us with some life changing advice and an excellent T-shirt slogan. Jarred and Ben are joined on stage by Jenny Collier & Scott Capurro for a ridiculous ride through royalty, politics and knife crime.

Episode 28 - "Take 2"

Ria Lina, Ian Stone, Luke Toulson and Funmbi Omotayo laugh through crashing waves and prison breaks in this wonderfully dysfunctional family zoom. These funny folk prove their essential worth with sharp insights into the always blagging and sometimes sleepy world of world leaders. Ian is joined by Sean Meo and Allyson June Smith for the burning issues of gossip and aliens and the sage advice to put down our phones.

Episode 27 - "From the waist down"

This touching episode with Abigoliah Schamaun, Allyson June Smith, Leo Kearse & Scott Capurro starts with the news and quickly goes deep with stories from their past and thoughts about the future. With the wonderful world of fad diets, old school phones and thermometers bringing light relief, the team turns to American politics for a true role model. Ian Stone and Paul Thorne join Abigoliah Schamaun and Leo Kearse to costume up and tackle mopeds, otters, marketing and being Knights.

Episode 26 - "The Grey Area"

This week we cover bike hunting trees, perfect sick cat photos and the health of Trump’s mind voter base. Steve Gribbin, Jenny Collier, Stephen Grant & Rob Rouse ask this week’s important questions: Could coronavirus actually save lives? Should comedians become our national censors? Can we drink through this whole episode? Rob is joined onstage by Tiff Stevenson, Alistair Barrie and Funmbi Omotayo for an entertaining food-focused episode. The team takes on fibre, meatballs and how to reduce the taste of self-righteousness in your cooking.

Episode 25 - "Smiling Eyes"

Deep in a forest of analogies, Geoff Norcott, Roger Monkhouse, Alex Kealy & Eleanor Tiernan tackle the latest restrictions, vaccine hopes and the future. While this deeply insightful episode touches on virtue licensing and the existential lived experience, the team keep coming back to their love of comedy and the desire to gig again. Rob Rouse & Lauren Pattison join Geoff and Roger onstage as they disappear into a vortex of innuendo and confusion over phallic vegetables. In this salacious world, tennis stars remind us of late night kebabs, Trump might be an art installation and we’d prefer not to talk about our national shame.

Episode 24 - "The Other Side of the River"

In an episode of contrasts Emmanuel Sonubi, Rob Deering, Jojo Sutherland & Ria Lina compare everything from the joys of parenthood to the number of press ups achieved. With paperboys currently making more money than comedians, maybe our universal experiences will lead to that all-important fresh material they may someday need. There’s socks-pulled-up confidence and much laughter over forgotten punchlines, playing covid chicken and even beer pong. Jarred Christmas, Sean Meo & Luke Toulson join Ria on stage to take on footballers faking it and why clowns are scarier than global warming.

Episode 23 - "The big 3 - 0"

To celebrate 30 years of The Edge at the Comedy Store, Jo Brand, John Connor, Abigoliah Schamaun & Ian Stone discuss the challenges of getting paid work on a Tuesday night. They think Tom Cruise is fairly normal and everyone is sure that the virus isn’t the worst thing that will happen this year. This deep episode covers everything from #metoo to who might form the next government. John gets pissed off when people do as he asks and Abigoliah gets googled by a statesman. Jo rounds off with an optimistic note but Ian just wants to watch the football.

Episode 22 - "Soul of the Nation"

As Allyson June Smith, Alistair Barrie, Leo Kearse & Rob Rouse dig into this week’s breaking news we learn that the pandemic is over, a Moose is not an Elk and jingle writers should all move cities. There’s a sticky end to part one before Geoff Norcott & Paul Sinha join us on stage to put the focus on monkeys, Nazis and Trump. With outrage running high, this is a wonderfully bitchy segment followed by a rather special announcement.

Episode 21 - "Cloves and alcohol"

With an abundance of good news Abigoliah Schamaun takes the lead as Luke Toulson, Mick Ferry and Jenny Collier try to keep up with the new HR rules. Have some fun learning the oldest joke and the power of tiktok. And remember - however nice you make your garage, life still sucks unless you have a wood burning hottub. Alistair Barrie and Jarred Christmas join us to deal with crazy world leaders and dubious billionaires. There’s a serious Nordic rivalry in the audience, a whole different take on nuclear testing and Jenny has a brand new phrase.

Episode 20 - "Fang Diaries"

Abigoliah Schamaun, Paul Thorne, Funmbi Omotayo and Jarred Christmas get focused on the things that matter. Should Moby have a statue and where the hell is Ham? Pigeons are inspired but ducks get bored of us exploring our place in future’s history. There might be some resistance in the room when Sean Meo helps Luke Toulson and Abigoliah to give Funmbi an education on US governance. The snowflake generation learn that Oprah doesn’t fancy a pay cut and it’s not just ducks who need cages. Ben Norris rounds off the show with just the right song for the moment.

Episode 19 - "Educating Ria"

Ria Lina, Imran Yusuf, Scott Capurro, Steve Gribbin continue the conversation about injustice and the power of education. Steve had statue plans for North Korea and Ria might be in love with Michael Gove. Imran wants a wombat to teach us how to love and everyone is serious about helping to change the world. Back at the club Paul Thorne tries to make one thing very clear as Jarred Christmas, Dave Fulton and Ria Lina join a feisty paramedic in discussing their royal Uber issues in London and Hong Kong. Taylor Swift does very well apparently but politics continues to show it’s ugly side.

Episode 18 - "Is that funny enough for you?"

Emmanuel Sonubi, Funmbi Omotayo, Jojo Sutherland and Ian Stone have big news to deal with this week. How should we all respond and how could anyone believe we are all in this together? Meanwhile, the long wait to return to the stage produces nervousness and some creative preparation techniques! Back in the club Funmbi Omotayo enjoyably fails to keep Eleanor Tiernan, Sean Meo and Ian Stone on topic while they join the Pope and Mugabe in a Chinese lift. We learn what’s more important to ban than dick pics and Sean asks the deep question we are all secretly asking... “is that funny enough for you?”

Episode 17 - "Cosy Lefty Bubble"

Jenny Collier & Ben Norris can’t drive to Durham or get any other first world problems off their chests. Stephen Grant knows which budget hotel is best for quarantine and Eleanor Tiernan just wants a hug from a stupid politician once all this is over. Jenny is joined by Funmbi Omotayo, Paul Thorne and Alistair Barrie as they take questions on racism and violence in sport, but get diverted onto Fraggle rock and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! With that kind of childish misdirection they could run this country!

Episode 16 - "Bring Him Home"

It’s a feisty episode as Tiff Stevenson, Mick Ferry, Leo Kearse & Alistair Barrie question the sense of the current government and the motivations of the rich. On the lighter side, plans are made to drink out of date beer in a caravan in central London. On stage Ian Stone, Tania Edwards and Sean Meo brace themselves for fishy wars, assassins and expensive tastes. They eventually find fulfilment in silent applause as Americans try to colour in between the lines without crossing borders.

Episode 15 - "Penguin Hat"

Alex Kealy, Allyson June Smith, Rob Deering and Rob Rouse work up a cheerful sweat as they exchange puns and plumbing tips. Everyone’s trying to gain the respect of their colleagues and we finally learn the secret of what every woman wants. On stage Alistair Barrie and Rich Hall join Rob and Allyson as we fight confusion over stockpiling dildo permits and warding off gay cake stormtroopers.

Episode 14 - "Group therapy"

Geoff Norcott & Abigoliah Schamaun need help, Ian Stone’s kids are killing next door and Jarred Christmas seems to have been left out of some top party nights! New Zealand's finally has big news and we uncover the great untrodden subject for a new comedy. The stakes are very high this week. Back at the Comedy Store age is a raw subject for Roger Monkhouse and Paul Thorne as Greg from the audience makes himself part of the show and Extinction Rebellion come under serious fire.

Episode 13 - "Exceed your expectations"

Alistair Barrie, Leo Kearse, Ria Lina and Emmanuel Sonubi dive right into war crimes, chinese whispers and of course lockdown life. Raised beds, heart attacks, dubious job choices and cycling to Hertfordshire are all up for discussion. On stage Tania Edwards, Ian Stone and Funmbi Omotayo join Leo Kearse to walk up hills, dance in protest and maybe even take off their jackets. There’s even some science and an emotional debate on how sexy Rod Stewart might be!

Episode 12 - "Conspiracy Theory Purple"

Steve Gribbin, Jenny Collier, Roger Monkhouse and Paul Thorne dive straight into episode 12 with thoughts on lockdown’s economic impact and the plural of “mullet”. Should we wash our shopping and go walking in masks? The team is starkly divided. Back on the Comedy Store stage, Ian Stone and Funmbi Omotayo join us to continue the strong opinion theme. We cover climate change, young people and of course badgers!

Episode 11 - "Doing it Orthodox"

Luke Toulson, Ria Lina, Stephen Grant and Scott Capurro explore the darker side of the pandemic in this episode. Are they starting to enjoy it? Meanwhile the lack of baking essentials and the lack of comedy shows seem equally disturbing to the group. Back on stage at The Comedy Store, Ian Stone and Roger Monkhouse join us to play with an audience that wants more knife crime and tips on avoiding immigration queues. Many try to form sentences but Britney is the true star of the show.

Episode 10 - "Revolting Delight"

This chaotic but joyful episode reveals a real connection between Ben Norris, Funmbi Omotayo, Tiff Stevenson, and Rob Rouse. Their laughter-strewn chat includes parenting tips, sex party etiquette, pigeons (again) and the most disturbing signs of true love. Back at the Store, Rob and Funmbi are joined on stage by Jarred Christmas and Sean Meo for a Burning Issues from the past with a GoT spoiler and even an arsonist in the front row.

Episode 9 - "The Adulation of Strangers"

Mick Ferry, Allyson June Smith, Ian Stone and Steve Gribbin provide a bunkered down commentary on this new way of life, and whilst staring out the window helps a bit, they really just need applause in their lives. Turn yourself into a northerner, save money, practice your accents and start talking to people in queues. Also featuring Stephen Grant live from the archives. Cheer yourself up with this heart-warming episode.

Episode 8 - "Cabin fever"

Rob Deering, Alistair Barrie, Jojo Sutherland and Jarred Christmas remember simpler times when planes crashed, deaths were faked and nobody misspelt “ropey”. Hang out with our feverish four as they try to find the funny in the dark times and why Jarred is a constant menace to society.

Episode 7 - "Jade is the colour"

Things are a little different in episode 7 and you’re going to want a whisky. Join us in one of the few places left where we can say what the fuck we like. We’ll lock the doors and discuss the rarest of eggs, the weirdest of relationships and when is it too soon to joke about tragedy. Abigoliah Schamaun comperes, Luke Toulson thinks quickly and Steve Gribbin brings the tunes once more.

Episode 6 - "Underlying hatred"

Tania Edwards, Tiffany Stevenson, Luke Toulson, Ben Norris, Sean Meo, and Ian Stone share more secrets to surviving the coronavirus, ask who's really running the country and question who should be choosing the next president. Sean’s not scared of anything, Tania gets the drinks and Donald Trump ponders a career change.

Episode 5 - "John's not dead"

No one is safe this week. Listen as Jojo Sutherland, Ben Norris, Rob Deering, Funmbi Omotayo, Rich Hall and Roger Monkhouse tackle everything from 70’s soft drinks, food bank custard, Priti Patel, the Royals and extreme hide and seek. You may even find the cure to the coronavirus.

Episode 4 - "Breakfast club"

Coronavirus empties cities, plunges the Dow and confuses Scott. Emmanuel gets a top tip and Ben stands alone defending his film choices. We learn that comedians are less boring than politicians but less useful in a flood. Oh… and men are idiots. The team this week are Luke Toulson, Ian Stone, Ben Norris, Stephen Grant, Scott Capurro and Emmanuel Sonubi.

Episode 3 - “May contain traces of conservative party policy”

This week Abigoliah Schamaun, Sean Meo, Luke Toulson, Alex Kealy, Steve Gribbin and Geoff Norcott are up for the heat zone in terms of human suffering. Death on the Corona cruise isn’t even the darkest subject on the list.

Episode 2 - "A teeny tiny instrument"

Roger misses the meeting while Paul and Ria fall out over the Blues. All we really know for sure is that green is better than purple. Grab your Ukulele, surrender yourself to the “bourgeois respectability” of life and join us backstage.

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